Eagle Scout Insignia and Items Value Guide

As the Eagle is the highest rank in Scouting and the most difficult to achieve it has a certain appeal to collectors that doesn’t exist in the lower ranks. The Eagle rank was originally a rank that was awarded to First Class Scouts who had earned an extra allotment of merit badges. Over time it grew in importance as the highest rank in Scouting and took on the aura it has today of recognizing a Scout who has taken on leadership roles and responsibilities while representing the ideals of the Scout Oath, Motto, and Law, thereby earning the respect of his Peers and other Scouts.

There are virtually an unlimited array of Eagle related items to collect if you are so inclined, but the most active area of collecting is in Eagle medals, though cloth badges and pins are also areas where there collectors are busy at work. Below we discuss the best ways to identify whether your insignia items are rare, scarce, or common and what that means for their value. Below we discuss the different types of Eagle Insignia and how to identify the different types and ages of them.

Eagle Medals

Eagle Medals are classified by the manufacturer who produced the medals. In order from oldest to newest, these companies are: T.H. Foley (1912-1915), Dieges and Clust (1916-1919), Robbins (1920-1978), Stange (1968-1999), CFJ (1999-present). The rarest and most valuable Eagle Awards will be those made by Foley and Dieges & Clust, though some of the early Robbins Eagles can be valuable as well. Later Eagle awards tend to be more common and so collectors do not have to pay as much to acquire them. Listed below are the manufacturers and how to identify their Eagle awards. Click the link here or above to view our Eagle Award medals Identification and Value Guide.

Eagle Patches

Eagle Cloth Badges were introduced in 1924 and while there are at least 12 Types identified and several times more than that varieties, the most valuable Eagle Cloth Badges will be Type 1 or Type 2. For more information visit our Eagle Patches Identification and Value Guide.

Eagle Pins (Hat & Lapel Pins)

Eagle Pins for wear on the Hat or Lapel can be valuable if they are early varieties. For help identifying the Type and Value, please contact us. These items are not something we see often enough to have a page made for them yet.

Eagle Rings

Eagle Scout Rings can be valuable as well. They were often made of 10K gold. Contact Us for assistance with identification and appraisal.

Other Eagle Items

There are many other rare and common Eagle items, but some things to keep an eye out for include:
Harmon Foundation Scholarship Items – The Harmon Scholarship was presented to 52 Eagle Scouts each year from 1927-31. Each Eagle Scout received a special lapel pin in addition to a certificate and a $100 scholarship.
Eagle Scout Forestry Corp Items (E.S.F.C.) – The ESFC was a special organization for Eagle Scouts. These items are quite rare and desirable.
Distinguished Eagle Scout Award – The DESA, or Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, is given to Eagle Scouts with notable achievements later in life.

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