Insignia Items

These are items that are worn on the uniform to show a Scout’s accomplishments, there are many types of Insignia you might run across and many of them can be valuable if they are old and rare enough. Some types of Insignia items are: Merit Badges, Rank Badges, Square Knots, Position Badges, and Adult Awards. However, there are still other types that may be encountered. Contact Us for more information.

Merit Badges – There have been several styles of merit badges over the years and collectors have organized them into groups based on when and how they were made, for more information on identification and the values of Boy Scout Merit Badges, see our Merit Badge Page.

Rank Badges / Patches – The Boy Scouts have used many different schemes for denoting rank on the uniform over the years. Very early insignia were simply metal pins, later cloth patches of varying designs were also implemented. For more information on the rarity, value, and history of these items visit our Boy Scout Rank Insignia Page.

Position Badges / Patches – In the earliest days of scouting positions such as patrol leader, scout master, bugler, or scribe were important leadership positions and uniform insignia were created to show others the role that a person was in. For information on history or values of Patrol Leader, Scribe, Scoutmaster, etc. Insignia, visit our Position Page.

Medals and Awards – The Boy Scouts have many awards that are highly collectible from vintage national awards like the Silver Buffalo, to more common items like recent Silver Beaver awards. For more information on the value of your Boy Scout Award or Medal, or for more history, please visit our Medals and Awards Page.

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